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British Horse Society certficate

Stage 1 in horse care and managment

Equine Behaviour Qualification (EBQ) stage 1

The Natural Animal Centre (NAC) qualification covered the science of equine behaviour including topics such as ethology, neuroscience and physiology. The course provided the information needed to successfully improve horses welfare by combining applied ethology, and ethical training. I'm currently studying stage 2.

ILLIS 'Getting Behaviour' - The Foundations Of Animal Training

Karolina Westlunds course has reinforced my knowledge of learning theory, provided practical training tips, information on animal emotions as well as helping me generalise my understanding of animal behaviour and training, making me a more flexible and creative trainer and developing my teaching skills.


Animal Rescue:

I worked for around 3 years as a behaviour consultant and trainer at a local charity helping rehabilitate ponies from various backgrounds. I worked mostly with Dartmoor Hill Ponies who often arrive unhandled and fearful of humans. Many of the ponies taken in by the charity have also suffered physical or emotional abuse or neglect. The centre I worked with supported the application of science-based training in these rehabilitation cases. Through my time at the rescue, I studied Connection Training methods.

Personal experience:

I've been around horses since before I remember and began learning to ride when I was 4. Horses have been my best friends throughout my life. After I got my first horse Dee (A Thoroughbred ex-racer) at 14 we experienced an eye-opening journey together which led me to begin better educating myself about his needs. After many struggles of trying to work against him using a variety of aversive Traditional and Natural Horsemanship methods I learned the joys and effectiveness of working with horses and allowing them choice in their interactions with us; this led me to a more compassionate, horse-centered, and reward-based (+R) approach to training which holds up-to-date behavioral science at its core.


I continually work to develop my knowledge and understanding of up-to-date ideas and science-based around animal behaviour and ethology by completing courses or attending workshops, talks, and events. I am currently studying for a Certificate of higher education in Biology with the Open University, and have been offered a place at the University of Lincoln on their BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare course starting 2022.

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'Feral Hearts'

To recognise the wildness within each domesticated horse and work with their natural needs and preferences rather than againts them.

To love them as they are.