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About me

Hi, I'm Jenny. Thank you so much for visiting my website!

I'm a qualified family dog mediator, behaviour consultant and trainer with >20 years of hands-on equine experience as well as >10 years of hands-on experience with dogs. I live in Nottinghamshire with (currently) 4 horses, 3 dogs, 2 hens and 2 Guinea Pigs. I am passionate about helping improve the lives of animals and their people by providing evidence-based advice and empathetic support that will help make your life with your dogs easier and more enjoyable.


Employment experience:

3 years working in rescue professionally (along with many more years volunteering): I worked at a local charity helping rehabilitate ponies from various backgrounds. I worked mostly with Dartmoor Hill Ponies who often arrive unhandled and fearful of humans. Many of the ponies taken in by the charity had also suffered physical or emotional abuse or neglect. The centre supported the application of science-based training in these rehabilitation cases and through my time at the rescue, I studied Connection Training and Horse Charming methods. While working here I also got to apply my training to various other species, such as bulls, goats, hens, sheep, pigs and even 2 magpies which was a great experience and helped me develop my training skills.


L.E.G.S Applied ethology Family dog mediation

This amazing course delved into applied ethology, genetics, evolution, life phases, hormones, nutrition, the dogs learning and environmental needs, social learning and communication and much, MUCH more!

Equine Behaviour Qualification

The Natural Animal Centre (NAC) qualification is equivalent to level 4 education, I covered the science of behaviour including topics such as ethology, neuroscience, attachment theory, learning and memory, reproductive behaviours, maladaptive behaviours, stereotypies, the physiology of behaviour and aggression. The course provided the information needed to successfully improve horses' welfare by combining applied ethology, and ethical training.

Karolina Westlund's ILLIS 'Getting Behaviour' course

Karolina Westlund's course has reinforced my knowledge of learning theory, provided practical training tips, and information on animal emotions as well as helping me generalise my understanding of animal behaviour and training, making me a more flexible and creative trainer and developing my teaching skills.

Level 3 Diploma in Animal Assisted Therapy

Combining my two passions, animals and mental health! As well as having first-hand experience of mental health struggles prior to working in behaviour I also worked as a support worker with children and adults. While studying I developed knowledge of how animals and humans can benefit each other, and the impact we can have on each other depending on our emotions and behaviour. Being around animals can be an incredibly therapeutic experience for all involved! (including the animals themselves!) and I am passionate about ensuring my services are accessible to everyone. I hope that regardless of what services you invest in from me that I am able to be supportive and help you feel more empowered.

Continuing professional development:

I continually work to develop my knowledge and understanding of up-to-date ideas and science-based information around animal behaviour, welfare and ethology by completing courses or attending workshops, talks, and events. Most recently I am working towards:

  • BSc Biology with the Open University, specialising in their neurobiology pathway.

  • Natural Animal Centre stage 2 equine behaviour qualification

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