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Brinsley, Nottinghamshire, NG16 5BY

Mondays 18 pm to 19 pm
6 week class suitable for any dog from a new puppy, to elderly, rescued mix breed or pedigree. Each class will be kept small and tailored to you and your dog's needs. We will do group training and enrichment activities as well as one-to-one rotations where I will help you work on helping you help your dog to develop skills and behaviours that will make life easier for you all. We will look at how you can deepen your bond with your dog, how to exercise them physically as well as tiring out their brains, useful skills such as settling, recall, loose lead walking, positive trades and cooperative care to help your dog have a stress free experience with things such as grooming, nail clipping, wound care etc.

We will cover socialisation in the broadest of terms, introducing dogs in the class to new and novel items and objects, new noises, smells as well as other dogs and people in order to give them a well-rounded experience, build their confidence and set them up for success.

We will also look at how to handle unwanted behaviours positively, through appropriate management and training, and without the need for punishment so that when something does 'go wrong' you will know exactly how to handle it and move forwards. We want to work towards the prevention of any potential 'problem' behaviours from the start, rather than getting to the stage where we need a 'cure'.

Covid permitting class costs will be for each dog, multiple family members are welcome as it encourages everyone working with the dog to be on the same page.

Our classes have a force-free ethos, meaning we use a kind, gentle, and scientifically sound approach, the use of fear, pain, or punishment has no place in our relationships with our dogs.

Limited spaces - Booking is essential.

Monday evenings 6 pm to 7 pm (TBC) -  £100 for 6 weeks

Paws In The Peaks
(Group social walks)

Laidback and fun group walks to practice socialisation and force free training that you and your dog learnt in class or during one-to-ones. We will pick different locations and routes to walk with rest stops along the way to practice settling and for grabbing a drink.

Route suggestions welcome.

£5 per person