Coaching sessions

[In-person and online]


If you don't have any behavioural problems you feel you need to resolve, but rather you just want to improve your relationship with your animal or want help training something new then I can help with that too. These sessions are ideal for developing a deeper understanding about your animals' behaviour, key needs, communication signals and ethical training practices. Iff you want to learn more about your horse or dog, and/or if you want to learn skills to train more straightforward behaviours such as leading, loose lead walking, recall, or even tricks then these sessions are for you!

What's included?

  • Initial chat about you and your animal's needs and goals.

  • Each in-person session will last approximately 45 minutes.

  • Included will be a lesson plan and bespoke feedback/support.

  • For distance students, I will review the training videos you send me and offer feedback and advice.

  • Any relevant educational resources will be provided.

  • This service works well alongside my Training Service.

one-to-one coaching session £30.*

*I will offer in-person coaching within 20 miles of the NG16 postcode - travel costs may be required beyond that distance*