Cooperative care


Cooperative care vital is for when we want fear free, stress free, cooperative nail, paw and hoof care, to complete easy checks of vital signs, when we want a a dog who is happy with their muzzle training, a horse who willingly places their nose through their head collar, it's for horses happy with wearing rugs and dogs who are confident with wearing harnesses and coats. Cooperative care helps us teach our animals that they are safe during every day care and emergency care procedures by preparing them for every eventuality with positive experiences and ethical training. So whether you want to brush your dogs teeth, clean their ears or worm your horse without a fight these sessions are for you.

Whats included?

  • A 1 hour consult to discuss your aims and needs

  • An in-person visit to teach you the skills you will need.

  • A shaping plan for the care procedure you want to teach (each session is limited to 2 care procedures)


Low cost option is available

Follow up sessions may be required.