Dog training


I offer a home-visit dog training service where I will either take your dog out on a 'training' walk, or spend half a day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours) at your home with your dog 1 - 3 times per week. This is the ideal service for if you are struggling with training due to time commitments and need more consistency. Although I will be training your dog, you will be required to spend some time with your dog and I so I can teach you how to implement what we practice. This is ideal for young dogs who need regular socialisation, or for those dogs who are home-alone a lot. These sessions do not replace behaviour consultations.


What's included?

  • We will discuss you and your dog's needs and your goals to ensure we're the right fit.

  • I will take a detailed case history.

  • I will read your vet referral form prior to my first visit.

  • I will spend time at your home working with your dog, either with you present or while you go to work or spend time with your family/friends etc.

  • I specialise in training in a way free of fear, pain or discomfort so no need to worry about your dog.

  • I can provide basic training such as simple cooperative care, providing enrichment, loose lead walking, house training, crate training, minimising excessive barking etc.

  • Relevant lesson plans will be provided for you and I will offer 1-2-1 coaching so you can continue to carry on the training day-to-day, (please note I will require a minimum of 1 hour with you, possibly more, in order to pass on this information, this can be done ideally in person).

  • For each session/training plan I provide, I will offer up to 10 training video reviews as follow up support.

This is not a quick fix, it is to help you continue your dog's education and training when you don't have the time to do so - consistency is key and training with you will need to continue once I'm gone. This service works well alongside a coaching session.

'Training Walk' (1-hour walk) £30

Half-day (4 hours, e.g 10 am to 2pm) £60

Full day (8 hours, e.g 8am to 4pm) £100