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Upcoming Classes and events

  • Mantrailing workshops

  • Disorderly dogs classes

Join us for our monthly mantrailing workshops, hosted by Sarah from One Track Mind.


Have fun with your dog.

Teach your dog to find a "missing" person (Search and rescue!).

No prior experience is required.

All dogs are worked individually & on lead.

Nottingham area

£30 per dog.

*Booking is essential due to very limited numbers.

Places only secured on receipt of payment.

Contact Sarah through facebook to book your space!

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Next workshop: Sunday the 26th of May

Join us for our 4 week Disorderly Dogs - Reactive dog classes! - Rolling Classes

Groups will include up to 4 dogs. Ideal for your teenage (or adult) delinquents, our focus is on helping your reactive dog start feeling safe and secure around their triggers.


we will likely explore engagement, recall and lead walking but we also look at dog behaviour concepts, understanding body language, and dog-dog social skills, along with focus on building a better relationship with your dog based on trust and clear communication. The aim of the classes are to build the handlers confidence, reduce overly excited or reactive behaviours and develop skills you can use in day to day life with your dog to help reduce unwanted and unsafe behaviours.

Session structure will enable dogs to work with their handler, take part in enrichment activities and play games in the presence of other dogs; enabling them with an opportunity to have relaxed and positive experiences in the vicinity of other dogs / people.

If you're unsure if this will be suitable for your dog don't hesitate to contact me to discuss that.

Any dog with bite history will be required to wear a well-fitted muzzle during the sessions to ensure the safety of the dog and all those attending.

All sessions will be based on the specific attendees' needs.

Location: Secure field, near Underwood, NG16.

the 4-week course is £65 for new clients or £40 for existing clients

Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.

*Booking is essential due to very limited numbers.

Places are only secured on receipt of payment.

Contact me to book your space!

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Monday and wednesday evenings
7pm-8pm - NG16

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