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Dog 'training' walks and home visits


Be it because you are at work, busy with a project, recovering from illness/injury or simply want a day off, finding someone who you trust to care for and walk your dog can be a big task. I offer dog walking services where I will treat your dog as if they are my own, making sure that they are treated kindly, kept safe and their wellbeing is prioritized. With my main work being in behaviour and training, I am happy to take on dogs who others may not want to, such as those with dog-dog reactivity or aggression issues. Contact me today to tell me what you and your dog need and see how I can help.

Dog walks will be on a one-to-one basis, meaning that your dog will get undivided attention.

Please note, I will only use positive training methods and ethical aids such as flat collars or well-fitted harnesses. I will not walk your dog using slip leads, headcollars or choke chains etc.

Services and charges

1-hour walk - £20

30-minute walk - £15

1-hour at-home enrichment session £20

30-minute at-home enrichment session £15

Areas covered include areas surrounding Brinsley, Including Underwood, Felley, Selston, Jacksdale, Eastwood, Newthorpe, Giltbrook, Bagthorpe, and Westwood.

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