These sessions help meet your horses' or dogs' needs and improve their lives through adding species suitable activities into their routine. Providing enrichment for your animals has many benefits including boosting confidence levels and helping them feel more safe and secure. It allows for them to keep their body and mind active, engaged, and focused in addition to preventing frustration, learned helplessness, or depression from occurring. Activities such as scentwork have shown significant results in increasing animals' concentration, reducing or even mitigating anxieties and fears, and minimising stereotypical or maladaptive behaviours. Enrichment is often referred to as 'behavioural husbandry' as it's all about meeting the animal's needs by allowing for their natural behaviours to have an appropriate outlet while in captivity.

Each session will last around 45 minutes. I can provide activities or help you create your own with what you have available. Sessions are bespoke and can include exploration activities, an introduction to scentwork (for both horses and dogs) or positive reinforcement training (for fun and focus, i.e trick training).

£30 per session

Low-cost option available.