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coaching Packages

Online coaching, or 1-2-1s based near Brinsley, Nottingham - For in-person packages, travel fees may apply.

With online coaching, we will take an initial detailed history of your dog, and explore how best to help you and your dog through the issues you're having. We will then work through 3 levels of training, beginning with the foundations, building up to empowerment, and then working on problem-solving. This enables us to ensure that the appropriate foundations are in place to help you succeed in resolving any issues and ensure your dog maintains high-quality state of welfare. I will support you to progress through the levels at your and your dog's pace, this may take weeks for some, months for others or years in some cases. It's important to recognise that behaviour work is a journey, not a destination.

These packages are perfect for those of you who have dogs with ongoing issues, those who want to invest more time into understanding their dog and those who will benefit from having more regular support. Ideal for cases of reactivity and/or aggression, fear and anxiety or multidog household issues.


Stage 1

  • Meeting your dog's needs.

  • How dogs learn.

  • Understanding your dog's body language.

  • Management matters!

  • Training a check-in.

  • Developing a recall.

  • Training basics: Sit and stay using the 3 Ds.

  • Training the basics: Nose targeting.

  • Skills for humans.

3 month package.png

Stage 2

  • Cooperative harnessing.

  • Cooperative care intro (Body handling, nail trimming, and grooming).

  • Muzzle training.

  • Loose lead walking.

  • Go to place / Stationary target training.

  • Everyday enrichment.

  • Changing how your dog views the world - Dealing with the scary stuff positively.

6 month package.png

Stage 3

  • Managing and thriving in a multi-dog household.

  • Reactivity issues.

  • Resource guarding.

  • Separation issues.

  • Dealing with sensory processing difficulties.

  • Aggression toward people or dogs.

  • Prey drive issues (excessive chase or grabs).

  • Fear or anxiety based issues.

  • Advances cooperative care procedures.

12 month package.png
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