I provide advice and support for people who are experiencing 'problems' with their horses as well as those who are simply wanting to develop a more compassionate relationship with equines.

I offer in-person and online coaching and support in equine ethology, behaviour, and training while promoting a science-based approach to working with your horse in a way that is as free of fear, pain, or discomfort for them as possible. I also realise that we need to recognise that most horses and ponies have experienced fear, anxiety, or trauma and have developed these negative associations in relation to humans. I work with this in mind and aim to take into account the horse's individual experiences and present needs while prioritising helping them feel safe and secure.

Often changing the way we manage our horses environment to a more species-appropriate system can significantly alter their emotions and behaviours; however it is also vital we alter their perceptions of us (humans) if we want to have a happy, secure horse and continue to improve equine welfare practices. This is why I believe it is important when caring for or working with any animal to have a solid foundation in understanding their natural behaviour as well as their emotional, psychological and physical needs as a species (and as an individual) before trying to resolve any behaviour seen as a 'problem' using training, then when we do train we need to strive to use a kind, ethical and scientifically sound biopsychosocial approach.

I work with clients and their vets / other equine professionals in a confidential and compassionate way aiming to help you discover and resolve the root cause of your horse's behaviour, not just cover it up.

The horse's welfare and the safety of all involved are my primary focus; we can work together to decide how we can better meet their needs and change their unwanted behaviours to more desirable ones while using a positive approach to training.


  I have a holistic approach, taking into account the horse's environment, past and present experiences as well as their core ethological needs in order to provide you with a suitable, individually shaped plan to resolve issues or to help you simply improve the relationship between you and your horse or dog.

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'Feral Hearts'

To recognise the wildness within each domesticated horse and work with their natural needs and preferences rather than againts them.

To love them as they are.