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Animal friends food bank

An emergency animal food and supplies bank - Free of charge (and non-profit).

Item donations are welcome.

Because Feral Heart's Animal Friends food bank relies on donations, we can’t guarantee we’ll have stock for all animals at all times, nor that we will have your companion's usual food. Please call or message us to check what we have in stock.

Collection from Brinsley, Nottingham (NG16)

No proof of income is required.

Well impressed with her new 12quid snuffle mat! It's adorable 😍__(She found it to be a co


Is there a charge? No, using the pet food bank is completely free. We rely on donations though so sadly can not guarantee that we will have the stock you need. 

Can you deliver to me? If you don't drive it is possible that delivery can be arranged at a mutually suitable time. That said, I am currently working on my own, so please reach out to discuss this when you need this.

Will changing brand of food make my animal ill?  It can do yes, especially if you swap straight over from one to another. In order to avoid this try to be prepared and start off by feeding mostly your animals usual food, and mixing in a little of the new food. Gradually increase the ratio of New food : Old food to give their digestive systems time to adjust.

Is supermarket own brand food safe for my pet?

Each animal is an individual when it comes to what they do well on and what causes them an issue. We are pretty lucky in the UK that pet food is better regulated than in some other countries. While nutritional components will vary, products that can be purchased from supermarkets and pet stores should indeed be safe.

Can you help with vet fees? Unfortunately this is not something we can help with. You should speak with your vet about low cost options and payment plans. If you receive universal credit and housing benefit you may be eligible for financial support from your local PDSA.

I am considering rehoming my animal as I can't afford them any more. Do you have any advice? Please reach out to me via email or phone to discuss this. I will offer as much support and advice as I possibly can and help you assess all of your options.

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