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Dog behavioural work disclaimer:


When working with me, or taking advice from material I post online please acknowledge that the safety of yourself, your dog and those around you remains your responsibility. Any behaviour or training applications you apply, you do so at your discretion.

In terms of resolving behavioural issues, I can not guarantee that any issues will be resolved. Behavioral work can take a long time, and underlying medical issues can often be the actual cause.

While working alone with your dog in public spaces, you should ensure you have appropriate 3rd party insurance coverage.

I reserve the right to cease working with you and your dog should you display any behaviour that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

I reserve the right to cease working with you and your dog if you refuse to get your dog medical attention upon request where I deem it necessary for our work together to progress and for the welfare of your dog.

I reserve the right to cease working with you should I discover that significant information about the dogs behaviour has been hidden.

When working with exempt banned breeds, you must ensure they are adhering to legal requirements (e.g. they must be muzzled, on a lead, neutered where age-appropriate, and have 3rd party liability cover.)

I hold no responsibility for any accidents or incidents which take place when you are working alone with your dog.


While photos of my own animals appear on my business media, they are never subject to my business. All photos taken are taken in my free time with my own animals, friends and family, never for work or business purposes. My dogs are not used/exploited in any way for business purposes.

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