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Veterinary referrals

If you are a veterinary surgeon and would like to refer a patient, please click here to download a referral form and return the completed form along with a copy of the animal's medical history to me via email:

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We offer Initial calls/emails to discuss cases with veterinary professionals and potential clients with no obligations. If you want to book with me then we will arrange this and I will ask you, the owner, to complete a questionnaire so I can get a clearer idea of the dog's behavioural problems and needs.

I prefer to work under veterinary referral as it ensures that we have ruled out any physical or health-related causes of behaviours. You will be sent a form for your vet to fill out, which I will need to receive a minimum of 24 hours before our meeting.

We will then meet in the comfort of your own home or otherwise aranged location to discuss your dog's needs in further detail and begin working through the problem. We will explore the development of the unwanted behaviours and then take a biopsychosocial approach and look at ways to manage and resolve any issues you are having with your dog.

After our consultation, I will send you a written report with any relevant resources and an outline of the action plan we developed during the consultation. Follow-up support via phone call, WhatsApp and Email is available. This report will then be available for your vet should they request it.

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