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Booking and Cancellation policy
  • All appointments must be paid for to secure your appointment.

  • Appointments cancelled one calendar day before will be subject to the full fee.

  • Appointments cancelled two calendar days before will be subject to a cancellation fee of half of the full fee.

  • Appointments cancelled with more than two calendar days’ notice will be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time.

  • No fees will be refunded.

  • All credit must be used within 2 months from the time of payment.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, a cancellation is defined as any appointment which cannot be made at the time, date and location stated when originally booked.

  • The cancellation policy will be applied in all cases.

What I need from you as a client

  • Be honest with me during our consultation and give me as much detail as possible.

  • Commitment to the action plan we agree upon.

  • Send me progress videos for review / feedback, especially with online consultations or coaching, so as to fine tune the action plan and make sure things run smoothly.

  • Be present and on time for our appointments.

  • To send me your vet referral 24 hours prior to our first appointment.

  • Be open minded

  • Any cancellation to be made 48 hours before our appointment.

  • Ask questions! If you're not sure about something then ask me, please don't struggle through.

  • If you're not happy with something tell me, if something isn't working there are probably several other ways we can try to achieve the same outcome; I want to find the way that suits you and your animal best!

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