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Helping you and your dog solve your problems TOGETHER


If you are feeling stressed out by your dog's behaviour, are fed up of being embarrassed by them, or are concerned about their overly reactive or aggressive behaviours toward family, or other people or animals outside of the home then you are in the right place!


You can find more about each service by looking at the drop-down menu above.

What I need from you as a client

  • Be honest with me during our sessions and give me as much detail as possible.

  • Commitment to the action plan we agree upon.

  • Send me progress videos for review / feedback, especially with online consultations or coaching, so as to fine tune the action plan and make sure things run smoothly.

  • Be present and on time for our appointments.

  • To send me your vet referral 24 hours prior to our first appointment if applicable.

  • Be open-minded

  • Any cancellation to be made 48 hours before our appointment.

  • Ask questions! If you're not sure about something then ask me, please don't struggle through.

  • If you're not happy with something tell me, if something isn't working there are probably several other ways we can try to achieve the same outcome; I want to find the way that suits you and your animal best!

Position statements on training tools / Methods

The use of Choke chains / Half chokes, Prong collars, Electric shock collars, vibration collars, Citronella / High-frequency collars and devices and Slip leads is NOT supported.

The use of collar VS harness: Please ensure your dog is wearing a well fitted harness for the lead to be attached to. Dog's neck strucure is much like our own, and if they are to pull, or lurch forwards during training this can cause physical damange long term, as well as causing a lot of discomfort and even pain in the moment. Again, if you have a dog who has an issue with wearing a harness that's not a problem, just let me know.


Extendable leads - Please ensure your dog is wearing either a 6ft Lead or a 5 - 10 metre longline rather than an extendable lead. This is for safety purposes. If you are differently abled and require an extendable lead then just let me know.

Compulsion training - I help you and your dog work together as part of a family unit and team, the work I do doesn't involve excessive repetitive practices of one specific 'trick' / behaviour. The aim is to meet your dogs needs and get them thinking for themselves and making safe and socially acceptable choices, rather than placing unreasonable pressures on them to jump when you say 'jump'.

Punishment - Punishment works, there is no doubt about it. But the fallout can be huge. Our view is that punishment has no place in learning, thus we avoid the application of fear, pain or discomfort as motivators for your dogs behaviour. Punishment has a place, but that place is for stopping behaviour in a true emergency, not to teach a loose lead walk.

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