Video / Distance Coaching Lessons

Due to COVID19 or If you live too far away or even in a different country but would still like advice or coaching then distance / video sessions are available; they work the same as with the face to face consultations but you will need to send me video footage of your horse and their progress instead. The fees are the same as for in person consults and coaching.

I will take into account the information from the initial consultation questionnaire as well as the footage of your horse in order to help you and your vet agree upon a suitable action plan.

Consultations and TRAINING lessons

Prior to our first meeting, I will ask you to complete a data protection form as well as acquire your vet's consent for my visit. Find vet referral form here.

If we're meeting in person during our initial consultation I will spend around 2 hours with you and your horse, learning about your horse's lifestyle, any problems you and they are having, and what outcomes you expect from our work together. From there we will decide how to proceed based on your individual needs and I will advise you on an action plan to follow. Soon after my visit I will send you any additional information you require such as suitable training plan which you can work through with ongoing support from me until changes are seen.

Each action plan will be based on up-to-date science and predominantly focus on positive reinforcement, 'LIMA' approach (Least invasive, minimally aversive). The horse's welfare and the safety of everyone involved will be my primary focus.

See the 'Resources' page for an idea of some of the approaches I may suggest using.

Consultation / Lesson prices

1 client – 2 hour initial consultation £40

1 client -- 1 hour coaching session £30

These prices are both for clients taking part with a horse during a consultation or lesson, and those spectating. So please note that if you wish to have a friend watch your lesson this is chargeable. This is due to a lot of what I teach being applicable to and implementable with their own equine.

Travel costs

The first 10 miles of travel for a round trip from my NG16 postcode base is free. Travel is charged at £0.40 per mile thereafter for a return journey.

I work to help people develop an informed, non-violent and science-based approach to their training and relationship with their horse or dog. Action plans for resolving any 'problems' may include the use of antecedent arrangement, habituation, systematic desensitisation, counter conditioning, positive reinforcement, differential reinforcement in addition to providing educational resources to owners, trainers, and other professionals to aid changes in perspective. I avoid the use of negative and positive punishment. The advice given is based on up-to-date scientific research.

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'Feral Hearts'

To recognise the wildness within each domesticated horse and work with their natural needs and preferences rather than againts them.

To love them as they are.