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Multi-dog households


Living with one dog can be a lot stress if things aren't going smoothly, living with 2 or more can be a nightmare! Regardless of if there is just constant over-excitement and playing, difficulty settling, excessive barking or issues involving aggression the sooner it is resolved, the sooner you can all get back to a peaceful life, including your dogs!

I can help with:

  • Inter-household fighting

  • Resource guarding issues

  • Jealousy

  • Bullying

  • Introducing a new dog

  • Reintroducing a dog after an incident.

  • Strategic management setups

  • Confidence building in individual dogs.

  • Confidence building for you as the dog's caregiver.

  • Meeting the needs of each individual dog.

  • Teaching canine body language

  • Fight/conflict prevention.

  • Promoting calm.

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