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Predatory behaviours


Each breed of dog has been bred to perform a specific function, these range nowadays from being a lap dog, to having innate insticts that drive behaviours such as stalking and chasing 'prey'. In a domesticated setting this can become an issue when the 'prey' becomes you, your children, or other pets. And it can also become problematic if 'hunting', or even just 'stalking' is all your dog can focus on while out and about. By introducing changes to management and adding in some games it is possible to begin getting your dog to work WITH you in a way that meets your dog's needs to express these behaviours, and can deepen your bond with your dog through having fun together.

If your dog does any of the following then sessions may help:

  • Car chases

  • Fixates on birds/wildlife

  • Tracks scents

  • Is easily distracted by movement

  • Tries to chase or herd you / family members

  • Is so focused on the environment that they can't engage with you

  • Will run off / has no recall

  • Barks excessively at prey 'triggers'

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