Behaviour consultations


Perfect for resolving reactivity, aggression, nervousness, fear or anxiety-based issues, over-arousal and sensory processing issues, working with phobias or trauma and resolving separation issues or resource guarding.

The dog's welfare and the safety of everyone involved will be my primary focus.

All action plans I provide for resolving any behavioural 'problems' will have a biopsychosocial approach.


I avoid the use of corrections and punishment and take into account the animal's individual needs and preferences as well as their genetics, learning experiences and environment. I will work closely with your vet and any other professionals where appropriate to ensure you and your dog get the support you need.


Bookings must be made in blocks of 3 or 5 sessions to ensure I am able to provide you with the help that you need.

Block of 3 is an investment of £150

Block of 5 is an investment of £225 (Save £25!)


 *For a written report, including bespoke step-by-step action plans, and recommended resources add on £30

low-cost options are available.


(additional travel costs may apply if more than 10 miles from Brinsley, Nottinghamshire*)

Please note:

Costs of a behaviour consultation may be covered by your insurance company.


What's included?

  • Initial chat via email or phone call to learn what you need and hope to gain from my services.

  • I will take a detailed case history.

  • I will read any vet referral documents prior to my visit.

  • We will arrange an initial visit/meet to complete a detailed behaviour assessment and to go through practical management and training (The length of our first session depends on your needs).

  • After my visit, I can write up a bespoke action plan based on your and your animal's needs which will be emailed to you (Extra Fees apply for these written reports)*.

  • We will then work through any relevant behaviour modification action plans during our 1 hour follow-up meetings, these can be arranged on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

  • Follow up support is provided via WhatsApp / Email for up to 12 weeks.