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'Re-Socialisation' for adult dogs.


Do you have a dog who missed out on some socialising during their puppyhood? Or maybe had a bad experience that left them wary of social situations? Maybe they have just gone a bit haphazard as they hit the teen years and get themselves into trouble? While we can never make up for the critical socialisation period that comes with puppy development, if your teen or adult dog is having some difficulty with their social skills then we can still do plenty to help them develop better communication skills and have more relaxed interactions. Few dogs love every dog they meet, just like humans, it's normal for them to be selective, but it is important that our dogs can navigate social situations, and ideally, handle conflict in a way which is proportional to the situation.


Much like working on reactivity, this will be done at the dog's pace, and safety prioritised at all times. We want your dog to learn that other dogs/people are safe to be around and promote positive experiences, be those experiences which lead to interaction, or experiences that are more passive. I will not be able to make your dog love all dogs, and progress will depend on each individual and set of circumstances but we can provide skills to help them cope and in some cases thrive in social situations, and equip you with effective ways to manage various situations. 


I can help with issues surrounding:

  • Dogs living in large families who have regular get-togethers.

  • Dogs who have had bad past experiences and need to overcome fear/trauma.

  • For introducing a new dog to the family.

  • For working through multidog household issues.

  • Support introducing friends' dogs to your dog.

  • For socially awkward dogs who appear to want to interact and play with others but don't quite 'get it right'.

  • Dogs who get frustrated during greetings.

  • Dogs who socialise well off the lead but poorly on lead (or vice versa).

  • For dogs who need remedial socialisation to ensure their social needs are being met.

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