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Traffic light guide to equine management

A Traffic Light Guide To Horse Managemen

Meeting your dogs needs

Meeting your dogs needs UPDATED FOR SHARING.jpg

5 simple and fun recall training games to play with your dog

5 simple games to help with recall.png

Recommended services and resources


East Midlands Clinical Canine massage and therapies

Cuddles A Plenty daycare - Bullwell

Paws and Claws Day Care - Nottingham

Dog Law specialists

Dog walkers

Sit Stay Paws - Clipston based.

The Little Hound - Mansfield.

Naughty Snorty Dog Walking services - In and around Heanor.



CosyDog Harnesses For good quality, well-fitted, and affordable harnesses.

Jen's doggy bits For custom-made harnesses, collars, fleeces, coats, and enrichment toys.

The muzzle Movement for well-fitted, high-quality muzzles (Use code FERALHEARTS for 10% off)

Tug-E-Nuff (Use code FERALHEARTS at checkout to get 10% off).

My Anxious Dog apparel (use code FERALHEARTSBEHAVIOUR at checkout for a discount!)

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