Full behaviour consultation

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Once you contact me I will speak with you to gain a brief insight into what you want to work on and what you wish to accomplish. I will also ask you to complete a data protection form as well as acquire your vet's consent for my visit, I must receive these completed forms 24 hours before our appointment. Find vet referral form here.

If we're meeting in person during our initial consultation I will spend around 2 to 4 hours with you and your horse or dog, learning about their lifestyle, any problems you and they are having, and what outcomes you expect from our work together. From there we will decide how to proceed based on your individual needs and I will advise you on an action plan to follow, also offering advice or coaching in the practical application of this plan. Soon after my visit, I will send you a bespoke written plan including details on any training or management changes we discussed during our consultation, and any additional or suggested resources which you can work through at your own pace, with ongoing support.

Each action plan or lesson will be based on up-to-date science and predominantly focus on a 'force-free', LIMA approach (Least invasive, minimally aversive) where you will work with your horse or dog, rather than against them. The animal's welfare and the safety of everyone involved will be my primary focus.

My aim is to enable people to develop an informed, non-violent and science-based approach to their relationship with their horse or dog. Action plans I provide for resolving any behavioural 'problems' will have a biopsychosocial approach and alongside working closely with your vet may include the use of applied ethology, attachment theory, antecedent arrangement, habituation, systematic desensitisation, counter conditioning, positive reinforcement and differential reinforcement in addition to providing educational resources to owners, trainers, and other professionals to aid changes in perspective. I avoid the use of negative and positive punishment and take into account the animal's individual needs, genetics, and experiences. I will work closely with your vet and any other professionals where appropriate to ensure you and your horse or dog get the support you need.


What's included?

  • Initial chat via email or phone call to learn what you need and hope to gain from my services.

  • I will take a detailed case history.

  • Before the consultation, I will review any video footage you have sent me.

  • I will read your vet referral documents prior to my visit.

  • We will arrange a 2 - 4 hour visit to your home or yard for assessment and training.

  • After my visit, I will write up a bespoke action plan based on you and your animal's needs which will be emailed to you.

  • Included in your follow up are up to 5 video reviews.


A consultation costs £60*

low-cost options are available.


(additional travel costs if more than 10 miles from NG16*)


Follow-up visits may be required.

Please note:

Costs of a behaviour consultation may be covered by your insurance company.